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Held through July 21, the Mucha exhibition is jointly curated by the Pearl Art Museum and the Mucha Foundation in Prague. According to the organizers, the Shanghai exhibition showcases an even greater number of works compared to the previous exhibition in Paris last year.
Besides his famous Art Nouveau posters, decorations and jewelry, the exhibition also features Mucha's drawings, paintings, photographs, book designs and personal belongings. Some of the works are being displayed for the first time.
Born in 1860 in Ivancice in the south Moravian region of the Czech Republic, Mucha rose to fame in the late 19th century for designing theatrical posters for Sarah Bernhardt, France's most famous actress at the time. The color lithograph poster Gismonda, which can be found in the Shanghai exhibition, is one of his most recognized works about the actress.
Marcus Mucha, Mucha's greatgrandson and the representative of the Mucha Foundation, shared a story he heard from his family during his recent visit to the exhibition.
Marcus Mucha,穆哈的大孙子和穆夏基金会的代表,分享了他最近访问该展览期间他家人听到的一个故事。
He recalled that it was around Christmas in 1894 when Bernhardt asked her printer to create a new poster for her, but as all her regular poster artists in France were on vacation, she was forced to turn to Mucha who later created Gismonda for her.
Gismonda appeared all over Paris on the first day of 1895 and it went on to become an instant hit. The work resulted in Bernhardt offering Mucha a six-year contract to produce her posters and stage and costume designs.
"The poster is a family legend for us," says Marcus Mucha.
"Mucha's multifaceted practice is at the forefront of the late 19th century and is also the root of today's classics," says Li Dandan, curator of the show and the Pearl Art Museum's executive director.
"He brought the beauty of art to life and made it thought-provoking, which is what we want to present to the audience in China.”
"The exhibition shows Mucha's characteristics in six chapters, and these identities embrace him being Bohemian, a picture artist for people, an international artist, a mystic, a patriot and a philosopher," says Tomoko Sato, curator of the Mucha Foundation.
穆罕默德基金会馆长Tomoko Sato说:“展览展现了他在六个特色,包含他是波希米亚人,一个为人而画的艺术家,一个国际艺术家,一个神秘主义者,一个爱国者和一个哲学家。”
周五分外运动Bill黑胶故事分享会 The whole vinyl
TIME:8:30 p.m. April 26th,May 3rd,May 10th
Venue:Monohouse (五台山沁园春雪茶社旁)
Ticket: 50 RMB (One drink included) per event
Scan the QR code on poster to buy the ticket
从苏格兰到中国,比尔·艾奇逊(Bill Aitchison)会在表演中播一张唱片代表一年,并描述这些年的小我记忆和世界事件。这个表演揭示了小我是如何被他咱咱们的社会塑造的,同时也引导着他咱咱们各自的途径。他讨论了音乐是如何与记忆联系在一路的,一首歌如何能让咱咱咱们在当下回到咱咱咱们生活的某一年。他站在一张桌子后面,桌子上有两个唱片组,一个混音器和一个麦克风。
Bill Aitchison plays a record from each year of his life and describes personal memories and world events from those years. The show reveals how the individual is both shaped by their society and at the same time navigates their own path through it. He discusses how music is linked with memory and how a song can instantly take us back in time to a particular year of our lives. He does this standing behind a table with two record decks, a mixer and a microphone. He plays a track, talks about the memory then repeats the process – one record for each year.


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